Both Donald and Melania Got Their Tweets Remembering Pearl Harbor Day Very Very Wrong

Guys, President Donald Trump is falling apart. We always knew this, but it’s becoming clearer and clearer with every second of every day. Yesterday, he made the ill-advised decision to recognize Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel, and in a speech about it slurred his words so badly that people thought he was having a stroke.

He continued his streak of mistakes this morning when he tweeted out perhaps the most famous quote about the attack on Pearl Harbor but got it wrong. Melania joined Donald on the error train with her super wrong Pearl Harbor tweet as well. Maybe they really are meant for each other…

The family that messes up together stays together. Maybe?


In Donald’s tweet, he attempted to quote the most famous phrase from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s speech following the attack in 1941, and in Melania’s, well, she just got the date completely wrong.